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BASE - The Easy Tutorial - Tutorial

Snort Base
Last Change : Apr 26 2007 french flagenglish flag


Details What is Snort ?
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BASE is a graphical interface written in PHP used to display the logs generated by the Snort IDS and sent into the database. It stands for Basic Analysis and Security Engine.
You can find the BASE website here:


Download the latest version.

We now have to uncompress the files and put them in the correct folder:

#tar -xvf base-1.2.5.tar.gz
#mv /home/user/Desktop/base-1.2.5 /var/www/base/


We need ADOdb (Active Data Objects Data Base) for BASE. AdOdb is in fact a database abstraction library for PHP.
Informations about ADOdb can be found here:

Download "ADOdb for PHP":
Again we now have to uncompress the files and put them in the correct folder:

#tar -xvf adodb490.tgz
#mv /home/user/Desktop/adodb /var/www/base
There are two ways to configure BASE:
Either you use a wizard or you change the config file by yourself.

A) Using the wizard

#chown -R www-data /var/www/base/
The change above will be needed to let the web server user (www-data) write in the BASE directory. Open a web browser and select the BASE directory:

Here you are entering a wizard:

Step 0: Check if everything is okay to begin the wizard.

Tutorial setup BASE settings Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort

Step 1: Language and path to ADOdb: /var/www/base/adodb/ .

Tutorial setup BASE step 1  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort

Step 2: MySQL settings.

Tutorial setup BASE step 2  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort

Step 3: BASE authentification settings.

Tutorial setup BASE step 3  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort

Step 4: Create the MySQL database and tables (click on Create BASE AG).

Tutorial setup BASE step 4  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort

B) Change the config file

It's not mandatory to use the wizard, you can do everything manually.
The first thing to do is to set the file base_conf.php.dist.
Open base_config.php.dist in the BASE directory and change the lines as shown below.



$alert_dbname = snort;
$alert_host = localhost;
$alert_port = "";
$alert_user = snortuser;
$alert_password = snortpassword;

$archive_dbname = snort;
$archive_host = localhost;
$archive_port = "";
$archive_user = snortuser;
$archive_password = snortpassword;
Then you must rename the file from base_conf.php.dist to base_conf.php

#mv /var/www/base/base_conf.php.dist /var/www/base/base_conf.php
Second thing to do is to import the BASE MySQL tables into the snort database:

# mysql -u root -p snort < /var/www/base/sql/create_base_tbls_mysql.sql


Just access the BASE web link:
You will be prompted for a new password for the admin user.


First we have to install the graphics library php5-gd for handling graphics directly from PHP scripts.

# apt-get install php5-gd
Then restart the apache webserver:

# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Second thing to do is to download three php PEAR libraries.
PEAR stands for "PHP Extension and Application Repository".

To download and install the librairies easily, the best thing to do is to install the php-pear package:

# apt-get install php-pear
Then we have to install the following packages:
Image_Graph, Image_color and Image_Canvas.

#pear install --force Image_Color
#pear install --force Image_Canvas
#pear install --force Image_Graph
Since there are some dependencies, you need to install the scripts in the order above.
Now, you have access to the graphs ...

Here are two typical error messages:

1 - Php5-gd is not installed:

PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete: the prerequisite GD support required to generate graphs was not build into PHP. Please recompile PHP with the necessary library (--with-gd).

BASE  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort PHP ERROR: PHP build incomplete
2 - Php-pear and/or its extensions are not installed correctly:

Error loading the Graphing library:
Check your Pear::Image_Graph installation!
Image_Graph can be found here:at Without this library no graphing operations can be performed.

BASE  Basic Analysis Security Engine Snort Image_Graph can be found here:at


To customize the BASE tool, edit /var/www/base/base_config.php

There are two useful settings to activate:

A/Enabling DNS resolution

$resolve_IP= 1;
B/ Enabling colored alerts
Strangely, it seems that when you use the wizard procedure, the lines concerning the colored alerts are lost.
So if you used the manual install procedure, just active the $colored_alerts variable, or (ie: you used the wizard procedure) copy the lines below in your base_config.php file.

* This option is used to set if BASE will use colored results
* based on the priority of alerts
* 0 : no
* 1 : yes
$colored_alerts = 1;

// Red, yellow, orange, gray, white, blue
$priority_colors = array ('FF0000','FFFF00','FF9900','999999','FFFFFF','006600');